Out of unemployment and into the big wide world

This is by no means my first job, in fact I’ve been working since I was 11 (with a child working permit!) as a waitress in my dads cafe, but I feel like this is my first real ‘grown-up’ job. It’s a lotta responsibility, not to mention commitment, organisation and above all, patience, but I honestly think I can do it and I can’t wait to find out. 

I probably should’ve introduced myself but I have a tendency to jump right into the action. I’m an adrenaline junky and thrive on life in the fast lane which is why the last month of sitting on my ass searching for a job has all but killed me. I’ve worked in all sorts of jobs from farming and crowd control at my family owned U-pick berry farm, waitressing (as mentioned above) but not only in my dads cafe but a few other busy cafes too. I’ve worked at a seafood shop – a job I took on a whim which only lasted 6 months before I refused to be subjected to the stench of fish any longer – a juice-maker at Boost, a casual babysitter and part-time receptionist for my mum’s training business. There’s also been my unpaid work experience at basically every big hospital in Melbourne and a few smaller ones too. 

You’d think by the sounds of my work history that I’d be in my mid-twenties and have enough savings to set myself up for life…. but unfortunately not. In fact I’m only 18 (well 19 in a week or so) and there’s currently less than $200 in my bank account. Admittedly I do own a car, a motorbike and a few thousand worth of blue-chip shares, but it’s not very much considering the thousands I’ve earnt (and spent) in my 7 years of working. Not spent all on me, mind you, I have a terrible habit of buying extravagant presents for people and lending people money and then forgetting to make them pay me back which works nicely for the people around me but not so much for myself. Anyway that’s all about to change!

As of today I confirmed an offer for a position as a live-in Nanny for a nice little Swiss-German family living close to the heart of Melbourne. I’ll be looking after their two boys aged 4 and 5; getting them up and ready for school and kinder, dropping them off and picking them up in the afternoon followed by showers, homework, play, dinner and the bedtime struggle. But I have my weekends and evenings (after 7) free and I’ll be earning $280 a week, which I plan to SAVE. 

It’ll be an interesting journey this year, I’m sure of that, but all the details are yet to be discovered so please join me for the ride if you wish, I’ll keep you posted.

Yours Truly, 


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