Details on the way

Dinner tonight with the new family, one problem though: they asked me to bring my Working with Children Check and Police Check and Passport. Thankfully I went overseas last year so I still have a valid passport, about the other two though, I don’t have them. The WWCC should’ve arrived by now but it hasn’t. And I advertised that my police check was in progress by which I mean that I have all the papers but can’t be bothered forking out the $34.00 and going down to the police station to get ID documents signed off on etc. etc. But I texted the family and assured them the docs were on their way and they’re fine with it. 

The purpose of tonights dinner is to find out when exactly I move in and start working. Personally I’d like to get going as soon as possible, but we’ll see what they prefer. They said they wanted to discuss details and practical things.. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I guess I’ll find out. Any ideas?

In other news I’ve spent a decent portion of my phone cap texting this guy I like who I’m completely unsure if he likes me back but we haven’t seen each other in almost a year and hadn’t talked much but he contacted me out of the blue the other night and we haven’t stopped texting since. Here are the facts, after reading them pleas tell me in your honest opinion, do you think I have a chance?
1. We met at a party about 2 years ago, that night we made out a few times and swapped numbers.
2. Afterwards we chatted and flirted a lot via facebook and text but he told me that he wasn’t looking for a relationship because a girl had cheated on him and broken his heart in the same week that his two closest friends committed suicide and that he was a bit of a wreck. 
3. We didn’t catch up a lot but stayed in contact via phone/internet and would always have a good chat at parties that we both happened to go to. 
4. I’ve had a short (few months) relationship since I met him but nothing else and he hasn’t had a relationship with anyone since, only party hookups, like myself. 
5. He texts me out of the blue last week and asks me to come to his bands gig (he’s a guitarist and songwriter) but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, then asked him when the next one was and I couldn’t make it to that either, but we kept talking and some heavy flirting went on. Then I said we should catch up anyway and he seemed keen so I said dinner and he said “maybe, I’m not really a formal guy” which is true he’s a musician, arts student and philosopher with curly locks and an easygoing attitude. So I said Tuesday night for drinks in the city. But my question is, does he want to be friends? Does he want an easy fuck? Does he want to go out? 
(It’s probably pretty clear, but just incase you haven’t realised, I’m more the relationship type, or I’d like to be ha ha)


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