Scaling on up!

Sounds like a positive title right? … It’s not. Not when you’re talking about those bathroom scales that you step on vulnerable, naked and full of false hope each week only to be disappointed that you’ve failed yourself again. 

I’ve struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. I even remember my new years resolution at age 11 going into grade 6 of primary school was to be in a normal weight range for my age by my primary school graduation so that I could go into high school without feeling so ashamed of my body. No such luck, even with considerable effort, now I am even out of high school and working as a nanny, but I still make a similar resolution every year. 

Over my high school years I didn’t grow much in height or weight, but lost a few kilos in year 10 which put me in the upper end of the normal/healthy BMI category. I maintained this through most of year 12 and felt semi-decent at my year 12 formal to which a wore a beautiful flowing navy blue dress. However it took a turn for the worst over the 2 weeks leading up to final exams in which I put on 6kg! I haven’t been able to shift these since then partly owing to my post-leaving-home-financial-depression which has meant I can no longer afford a gym membership. So I now rely self motivation to go for a run (I cannot describe how much I dislike running in the city streets near my house where people look at you). I’ve been slightly ignoring my bulging tummy, but a few hours ago it stuck-out (literally) like a big red pimple on your nose and laughed in my face when I tried to squeeze into my old formal dress which I haven’t worn since. I wanted to wear it again for my mothers engagement party tonight but have opted now for a more stretchy dress as the clasp would physically not close.

This latest turn of events has given me a new boost of motivation to suck it up and sweat it out in the hope of losing enough blubber before my mothers big day in November this year!

Anyone have any suggestions for how to lose 10kg in a healthy way? No fad or extreme diets and no gym/pool membership (can’t afford it).


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