Disappeared now back!

Well it’s certainly been a while but I’m back. Since my last post I moved house which was a big exercise and have joined the local gym and an online fitness program called Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation. 

So along with my usual spiels about Nannying and teen drama and the general life of me, I’m also going to use this blog as a bit of a diary page and progress tracker of my journey through the program. Hopefully it’s successful because as of right now I’m truly putting myself out there for everyone to see which makes me nervous and excited and will surely be a good motivator for me to stick to the program!

Today was the first day of Pre-Season. The 12 weeks officially starts on August 12 but during the next 28 days we have a number of tasks to get ourselves warmed up and in the zone for the challenges that lie ahead. Today the first task was set which was pretty easy but also quite useful. We had to write out and categorise all the excuses we often use to avoid exercise or healthy eating. Then we had to write solutions to these excuses. 

My favourite and number #1 top of the list excuse is “I’m too tired”. You see I have an uncanny ability to fall asleep at the drop of the hat. I could be anywhere at anytime and if I want to I can fall asleep within minutes. I know plenty of friends who complain that they can’t sleep and spend hours awake and can’t nap because it takes too long to fall asleep. I on the other hand can fall asleep as soon as I put my head down… in fact it doesn’t even have to be down for my eyes to close and me to be lulled in unconsciousness! I have a terrible habit of napping multiple times a day for 10-15 minutes. I even used to use my lunch break during uni to run home, nap for 8 minutes on the couch and then run back to class! Anyway this habit has got to go! I need to stop wasting my life not being aware of it and instead be living it in waking consciousness! I also need to stop using my constant tiredness as an excuse to get out of doing exercise. In fact I’ve been told many times that my energy levels would surely improve if I did more exercise. So from now on NO MORE NAPS. And no more of those other pesky excuses like “I’m too busy” or “I’m unmotivated”. Please hold me to it people. From now on I shall exercise like its any other habit, like showering, brushing teeth etc. First step to success, here I come! 


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