12WBT Pre-season Day 2

I surprised myself this morning! I was actually keen to go to this aqua class. I’ve never done it before and so still nervous but I actually was excited too. Unfortunately however the traffic on the way back from kinder/school drop-off was ridiculous and I had this annoying taxi up my butt the whole way. Looking at the clock in my car I saw that 9:15am came and went and I was still in traffic meaning I’d missed the start of the class and so wouldn’t be allowed in. But what really surprised me is that usually at this point I’d pretend to be annoyed that I’d missed the class but secretly thank the traffic jam for giving me an excuse to get out of exercising. But today was different! I was looking forward to giving it a go and was genuinely angry at the traffic when I realised I’d missed it. I instead turned off to head home, but instead of letting myself out of exercising for the day I pulled down the fitball pack that’s been sitting on the shelves since I bought it in February and pumped up the ball with the hand-pump that came in the pack (this is exercise in itself). Then (after taking a breather for several moments) I popped in the DVD and commenced to do the entire DVD workout which incidentally is also a Michelle Bridges workout. 

It wasn’t gut-wrenchingly hard but it at least caused me to break a sweat and got my heart-rate up a bit and I felt my muscles working away. In fact it was probably a nice gentle way to ease me back into exercise. For anyone who wants a quick and simple home workout, not to mention inexpensive, I’d recommend it! The fitball pack is in the OneActive Michelle Bridges range sold at Big W and I think it was about $20-25. 

Hope the rest of the day is successful as my morning has been. I might even reward myself with sushi for lunch from my favourite shop MoMo sushi in Hawthorn!


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