Up and Down in a Day

I had a brilliant morning!… and a terrible afternoon. 

I was so eager this morning that I wouldn’t let what happened yesterday stop me again so I made sure to get ready super-fast and got going well and truly in advance which was lucky cause once again the traffic was terrible, even worse than yesterday and after dropping Aurelien at kinda I had to race back to get to the gym in time for aqua class. 

I don’t by any means mean to be rude to the older generations but it was quite confronting for me to do aqua because I was by far (very far) the youngest person there. I’d say the second youngest lady there would have been at least 60 and it probably ranged up to 80. Even the instructor was getting on in years and looked super surprised when I joined the women in the pool and said that “yes. I am here for aqua class.” she proceeded to ask me if I had any injuries which in her mind could be there only logical reason why a young woman barely an adult had joined the class. Once it got started the aqua class was pretty good, although I definitely need to get some more sporty bathers the ones I have are a bit too loose in the boobage area and I was scared they were going to fall off with all that under-water jogging! I was so proud that I’d finally faced my fears of trying a new class and topped it off with delicious and healthy sushi for lunch. When I picked up Aurelien we went for a walk with dog, it wasn’t a big walk as he was tired from running around at kinda but a little walk is better than no walk! 

Unfortunately that was about the last of the good deeds of the day. After the walk I allowed us to share a piece of brownie – a reward for my good work I guess. Then at dinner I decided to use up the packet soup and tried to bake some homemade bread for dinner. I used to bake bread all the time with my dad in the cafe and am usually an excellent cook, but I started it too late and by the time all the kneading, rising and rolling had taken place and it was finally in the oven I was so eager to eat that I pulled it out too early and it was still undercooked! It had to go back in the oven and in anticipation I bit off every single one of my fingernails! I’d been pain-stakingly growing them for weeks, trying to break the disgusting habit that I’ve had since early childhood of chewing and biting them till they bleed! By the time we ate dinner I was so starving that I also ate half a block of cheese and proceeded to eat more brownie! Totally undid anything I may’ve achieved this morning and as punishment I’ve sent myself to bed early with no tea. I always have a relaxing cuppa tea on the couch with an book and blanket after dinner but not tonight. I’m bed already typing this and as soon as I’m done it’s lights out for me! Weigh In in the morning…. not looking forward to it AT ALL. 


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