It’s Getting Better All The Time…

As the famous line goes from the great Beatles, it IS getting better all the time!


Today I got an unpleasant wake-up call when I stepped on the scales this morning and found that I’d put on half a kilo! I know it’s not much but an increase is an increase and that is not the direction I want to be heading. I briefly entertained the idea in my mind that it may just be muscle mass… muscle is after all heavier than fat. But then I gave myself a reality slap and had to face-up to the truth: It’s really all that bread and brownie I’ve been munching on! 

I can still be proud of the fact that my exercise habits have improved but that’s only part of the story, I really need to start tackling my diet. I’m proud to say however, that after my morning misery I decided to work extra hard today. I did Aqua class at 9:15am and then went straight into 15mins of flat out freestyle laps going as fast and as well-formed as I could. I would’ve even stayed longer but I had to get ready and changed, have a quick lunch which I proud to say was too unhealthy: stir-fry chicken and vegetables with rice, and finally head off to my other nannying job which I do part-time. I took Brodie to a park which was a good 20mins walk away which got him exhausted (not such a bad thing!) and added in another little bit of exercise for me. This evening dinner was semi-healthy (fish, sweet potato and corn) which I’m ashamed to say was followed by an orange, brownie and cup of tea but to end my day on a high note I then headed back to the gym to meet friends for the 8:30pm Pilates class. By the end I was begging to go home and am now utterly exhausted! 

Hopefully if I keep up this exercising, and start improving the diet, the numbers on the scales will soon be turning that frown up-side-down. 


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