30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 – A photo of you and you’re friends

There’s a period of time in all of our lives and for most people it’s the best period they’ll ever experience; it’s called childhood…

For me there are few relics of such fantastic period. As most second-born children will know there are a whole lot less photographs, special toys and “blankies” that are taken, given and held on to. Not to mention how even fewer there are for 3rd and 4th borns and so on.

My early childhood is summed up in one photograph. It most likely looks like a poorly taken and organised disposable camera shot to you and everyone else but for the kids in the picture and perhaps the parents too, including myself, it is a memory captured in time. To me, it’s the symbol of everything that was great in that time of my life. A time before responsibilities. A time before fear and stress. A time when my parents were still seemingly happy in love. A time before illness both physical and mental. A time where the greatest disappointment was unsuccessfully convincing mum to buy me a an ice-cream when Mr Whippe’s tune could be heard nearby, and the fiercest struggle was stopping a sand-castle from crumbling. A time where I spent every waking hour pretending to be a yellow dragon with rainbow polka-dots playing with the other kids in this photograph in the open field behind our houses, a place we dubbed ‘Dragon Rock’.



From the Left:
Emma, the friend I’ve known the longest in my life, she’s two years my senior but my best friend still to this day,
Kate, Emma’s older sister and close friend of my older sister,
Laura, my older sister by 3 years
Me (Katherine), wearing my favourite Rugrats T-shirt, a time before I knew what fashion was and didn’t care,
Alex, Kate and Emma’s younger brother, my age and my child-hood boyfriend/fake-husband (our wedding took place on that very driveway  in the photo)
Jackie, the puppy dog at the front and our newest toy



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