Blog Challenge – Day 04 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have

This one is super easy. I think I only have one really bad habit, it may not seem terrible and it’s pretty common but I’m as addicted to it as any smoker is to cigarettes and as any alcohol to his chosen poison. My bad habit is nail biting. I’ve been doing it as long as I remember and trying to stop it for just as long!

I’ve only been *almost successful twice. I had a patch where I didn’t bite for about two weeks in June last year and just recently for 3 weeks until I bit them all off in frustration (mentioned in a previous post titled ‘Up and Down in a Day’). So now I shall just have to try again, and if I fail then try again. I’ll keep trying cause I hate doing it and I hate looking at it and people tell me it’s gross all the time. 

This is probably a pretty boring post for most people for for you nail-biters out there, you’ll likely know how I feel. This post is for my own motivation to stop cause now I have to answer to all of you. I don’t have heaps of followers but I appreciate each one of you and other chance readers and I’d be more than delighted to one day tell you that I’ve broken this horrible habit!


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One response to “Blog Challenge – Day 04 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have

  1. I have bitten my nails ever since I can remember, BUT, every so often I go through a ‘stage’ and grow them… nice and long. My secret is to 1. always have a coat of clear nail polish on them (I use strengthener) and 2. ALWAYS carry a nail file/buffer. If I have the slightest ‘edge’ I will wait to chew and you know what that leads to…. 😀 Keep trying and good luck

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