Blog Challenge – Day 06 – Favourite super hero and why


Hmmmm… well I’ve never really been big on super heros that much. The only one I ever really got into a bit was Wonder Woman. I have a lot of Wonder Woman merchandise like make-up and a lunchbox and I have the original first season which is pretty good fun to watch. 

I guess I like her because she’s a “strong independent woman” especially at a time where women were seen as incapable and in need of ‘looking after’. She’s also not some anorexic model like most prominent women are in todays shows. She’s fit but definitely curvy and proud of it! She’s a good role model for young girls because she has good values and acts ethically. 

The show itself, due to its age, is quite funny to watch with the basic graphics and exaggerated sound effects 😛 


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