Purposeless Drivelling

It’s 8:16pm and I’m already in bed. Today was good and bad. i did Aqua class in the morning but didn’t do laps afterwards cause I was sore and aching from last nights Body Attack class. and it really was an attack! It was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done and I was dreaming of my future visible abdominals the whole time 😛

When I got home after Aqua I was so exhausted! I had a cuppa (and a smore but let’s pretend that I didn’t have that) and then decided on a nap but “accidentally” ended up sleeping for about 3 hours in lots of 15 minutes (Yes, that’s right, I hit snooze about 12 times). After eventually convincing myself to get out of bed I tried to convince myself to eat a salad but my body was begging for hot food so I had toast and tea. I didn’t have much time to vacuum and clean the kitchen before I then had to go get Alex and Aurelien from school and kinda.

Their mother was home early so she said she’d make dinner tonight. I was grateful but apprehensive and rightly so because she started making these baked zucchini things which looked delicious but then she burnt them to a clack crisp so we ended up having a miniature serving of plain rice with pan fried mince beef and a few cherry tomatoes. She’s a smart woman, but she is no cook. Everyone was still hungry so she made fried eggs on toast but I decided to skip that and make myself a banana, raw egg, honey, cinnamon and milk shake which really fills me up and is pretty healthy too. 

This evening I had a look at the latest Pre-Season Task, No. 3 for the 12 Week Body Transformation which is a pretty easy one. It’s just about gearing up. All the essential things like choosing where I’ll do my workout (gym, home or outdoors) and getting workout clothing is already done. It suggests that I buy a heart rate monitor but I think that’s optional and considering how expensive they are, I don’t think I will! The last task which I didn’t end up posting about was to write down your 12 month goals the 6 month, 3 month and 1 month plus how you’re going to achieve each stage. It was best to start with the 12 month goals because then you could workout where you should be by 1, 3 and 6 months. For example, if you wanted to lose 20kg then obviously you should’ve lost 10kg by 6 months. My personal goals were to lose 15kg, have a visible set of abdominals and fit back into size 8 clothing including this beautiful dress I bought for my future skinny days. I’m enjoying the tasks and looking forward to the new one which will come out on Thursday. 



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