Blog Challenge – Day 08 – Short term goals for this month and why

Well I’ve just joined Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) which I’ll be blogging lots about over the next few months. So goal number one is to complete every instruction given by the program. That means completing all the pre-season tasks thoroughly and in detail where required as well as sticking to the diet and exercise plans that she will set for us once the program really gets going. 

Another goal, on the same note, is that I am aiming to make doing exercise a habitual part of every day. That means, I don’t have a choice and I don’t even think about it. No consideration is required at all. I just do it like I showering, eating, sleeping, brushing teeth etc. It’s going to become part of my daily routine so that it gets done everyday regardless, the only thing that could stop me is some major event where it would be impossible to go to the gym or get out for a run and on those days I’m sure I can squeeze just a little work-out in somewhere even if it’s just stairs or speeding up my walk. 

On a completely different note, next week I am sitting the UMAT which stands for Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test. It’s an extremely difficult and challenging test not based on knowledge but rather at skilfulness of answering the questions which are of three types: Verbal Logic and Reasoning, Non-Verbal Logic and Reasoning and Emotional Intelligence. I think it would be unrealistic for me to hope to get a score that will get me into medicine this time round as I have not consistently practiced and kept my head down like I should have all year. However I am also not letting myself off the hook completely. I’ve sat the test once before and placed well in the top 20 percent so my goal now is just to improve my score and gain a higher ranking. I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I probably won’t be doing medicine next year which isn’t all bad because I’m going to do paramedicine instead (a course I’ve already been accepted into) and as it is of a lesser workload I will have more time to enjoy my youth and work hard at earning some savings to live off when I eventually do study medicine!

My last goal for this month is to do with my current job as a Nanny. One of the boys I live with and look after everyday has been being uncharacteristically rude and disrespectful to me, his brother and his parents lately and it has got to stop. I’m already taking measures to set firm boundaries but my true goal is to stick to these unwaveringly without letting his behaviour affect me. Lately I have and have been getting angry, agitated, stressed and by the end of the day I’m exhausted! But no more! I am the boss of him, not the other way round and I’m going to make that clear as crystal!


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