Blog Challenge – Day 09 – Something you’re proud of in the past few days

When I started this blog challenge and read through the list of posts I was going to make over this month and read todays question I was worried that when I came to it I’d have nothing decent to say that I’m truly proud of. But to my delight, I do. 

I have really stuck to my goal of making exercise a part of everyday and even more to my surprise, I’ve actually started enjoying it! In fact I probably went a bit overboard yesterday! I went to Total Tone class in the morning which was utterly confusing and tested my coordination to it’s uppermost limit. By the evening I was feeling more energised than I have of late and decided to go to my favourite class at 7:30pm: Body Attack. When I got to the gym I realised Yoga was on straight afterwards so I figured I hadn’t tried it yet and it would be nice to do a long stretch after a high intensity class like Body Attack. So by the end of the day I had infact spent 3 hours at the gym! And they weren’t just three slow gentle hours they were hard working, even in Yoga we did planks and a million of those ‘downward-facing-dog’ poses which really workout the legs arms and core! 

I’ve also already gotten so used to doing exercise as part of my morning routine after dropping the kids that this morning when I didn’t go straight to the gym I had the sensation of forgetting something the same as when you realise you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth when you’ve already left. But just incase you think i’m skipping out on my exercise today, I’m not! I purposefully didn’t go this morning because I’m going to do another set of back-to-back classes with a friend tonight. We’re both trying Body pump for the first time tonight (the class that I’ve been most nervous and afraid to try because it looks quite hard) then straight after we’re going into an hour of Pilates which is a bit more work than Yoga so it’s going to be a real challenge! I am going to be uber positive and say that I’m proud of what I am going to have achieved by this evening because I know that i won’t back out of doing it! The only thing that could stop me now is a really serious emergency… and what are the chances? Although I better not jinx myself in saying that!!

Finally, I also want to post a picture of my sister a couple of years ago when she was at her thinnest. She’s still thin now but not as toned because due to current personal events she hasn’t had as much time for working out. But this picture of her has always inspired me and I hope if she reads this post she’ll be inspired to achieve this body once again.


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