Blog Challenge – Day 11 – Another photo of you and friends

PRE-WARNING: As usual I’m going to go a bit overboard; I’ll post not one, but 8 photos of friends and I! The main reason being that I have friends from many different periods of my life and often moved schools so mix with a few different circles. I also had trouble finding a photo that included the entire group in the one picture and didn’t want to leave too many people out so I’ve posted multiple pics for the same group. 

You may also be wondering why I have so many female friends!? Well that’s easily explained by saying that for all my high schooling I went to all girls schools and so naturally I have many more female friends than male friends… that and most of my male friends don’t seem to want to jump in the photo! 

ImageYes, I’m the one poking out my tongue 😛 These girls are my friends from Melbourne Girls’ College, the high school I was at in Year 7 & 8 and then moved back to for year 11 & 12. From the back left there’s me, Jeka, Kimiya and in the front, Angelica, Georgia and Anita. This was taken at a dinner party I hosted. 


I love this photo. It was taken at Aths day where the theme was ‘scary’ so from the left there’s Kimiya (as a vampire), Ailsa (a grizzly bear), Georgia and Angelica (as thugs), me (the devil) and Tina (she forgot to dress-up!)

ImageThis was at my senior Formal after-party. Soon after this photo we were all kicked out of the venue cause too many under-agers were drinking! So I shouted “everyone back to mine” and a bunch of people (my friends and their dates) came back to mine. I lost my V-plates that night to the guy in the front-centre. 😉

ImageThis was taken at my 18th birthday party which was Triple-zero themed. So people came as Police, Fire-fighters, Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors. From the left Nikita, Me and Emma. This is the same Emma that I met when I was 4 and is in the photo on my Blog Challenge – Day 3 post. We still remain best friends. Image

This is my other best-friend, Maddie, and I at a party a few years ago. We met when I was at Methodist Ladies’ College in Year 9 & 10 of my high schooling. I consider her like my sister and her family and even her extended relatives know me as ‘the adopted child’ because I’m always at her house and if not, she’s at mine. 

ImageThis is a more recent picture of Em, Maddie and I at a gathering. Em is part of my MLC group of friends; she’s a lovely friend and I love her fashion, she always looks stunning. Maddie is pulling a silly face as she regularly does in photos. 


Nessie and I, another girl from the MLC group. This was also taken at a gathering recently, she’s a really sweet person. 

There’s many more to the MLC group but we don’t seem to have a full group photo so I’d have to ad another 10 or so pictures to include them all!

ImageLast of all, but not least, are my Sydney friends. From the left: Jarred, Annabelle, Jenitta, Siobhan, me and Grant. We called ourselves the ‘Dinner Crew’ because all of us lived on the College Residence at the University of Western Sydney and once a week we would all get together to cook a 2-course meal to share. Now that I’ve moved back to Melbourne it’s hard to keep in touch but I still write/text/facebook a few of them. Particularly Jenitta, who lived in the apartment next to me and we’d always be at each others place drinking tea and pretending to be studying together!








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