Blog Challenge – Day 12 – How you found out about WordPress and why you made one

I found out about WordPress when I did a google search on “websites to create blogs” and when I saw the name WordPress I’d remembered one of my friends had used it to write a blog about cooking and her recipes. So I decided to go with it and open an account.

Why did I want to start blogging? Well it’s pretty simple really: I’ve always loved writing. I often write letters to people when I’m feeling angry or stressed, not for sending or showing to the person, but just to express my feelings and opinions. I’ve also written lots of short stories and have had several attempts at a novel but realised I hadn’t developed and planned enough to write a decent one and felt I needed more practice. In school and university I had enough writing assignments most of the time to keep my need for feedback satisfied. But since I’ve been working I haven’t had anyone to check or respond to my writing but I didn’t really know what to do about it. Then when I started looking for nannying jobs I came across a blog a girl had written about her experience as a travelling nanny and realised it would be the perfect way to tell of my new experiences, express feelings and possibly post a few story drafts. So I decided to open up to the world and publicise all this and more on my very own blog. 


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