Blog Challenge – Day 13 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

It’s interesting how fate occasionally likes to slap you in the face and remind you that it likes to time it’s sudden appearance perfectly….

I should first say that to save myself from last minute frantic and often poorly written posts I try to draft what I will post the day before I post it and then re-read and finally publish it the following day. When I started writing this particular post I was going to write something along the lines of..

“This is a pretty hard one because no one has really hurt me too terribly that recently. And define recently anyway? Someone really hurt me back if January but has made up for it well and truly by now and to write to that person seems as though it would bring up unnecessary trouble. Again someone hurt me in May but I don’t really care anymore and so it would be pointless to write about that too. Perhaps there is one person who would merit a letter to describe how disappointed I am in them of late however the chance that they would read this is slim and the chance that it would have any impact on that person (except to cause them put up defences and lie more) is even slimmer. In general I don’t like being a negative person outwardly. Of course everyone needs to express their negative emotions but then I rarely post about them…. blah blah blah”

As you can see, I was setting myself up to write a positive piece about how life is going generally well and avoid the actual question of todays challenge. But then something did happen. That very night actually, and dragged itself onward till today. As I said I usually try not to be negative, and secondly if I was being truly logical I would let myself cool and calm down before posting. But I couldn’t give a flying f*** what people think right now so I’m going to go right ahead and release my rage upon you.

…. I later removed this letter once I had calmed down.



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One response to “Blog Challenge – Day 13 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

  1. Dear Miss K; people – even, and maybe especially, people we love – are shits sometimes. That’s part of being human. When our lives go off the rails we don’t necessarily have the discipline to centre ourselves and move on; sometimes poison leaks out in the form of bad behaviour. And who are we ultimately likely to be forgiven for our behaviour by? Those closest to us. The problem is that a shithead soon-to-be-ex-friend looks remarkably like the friend who just needs to act out their crappy life and deserves to be forgiven. How to tell the difference? It’s not always easy, but a good way to start is to leave a little gap, then talk to that person face-to-face and say “I’ve been avoiding you because I felt hurt that you … (x, y and z) … but I’m wondering if you were just in a shitty place at the time” If your friend responds badly to this, walk away. The outcome you’re looking for is for your friend to open up about what’s going on with. Crossing my fingers that it works out for you, my dear small feline.

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