Response to day 13 – Apologies

Can I first just say.. WOW. I had no idea that connecting my blog to facebook would be such a powerful tool. The title of yesterdays post must’ve also been intriguing to a lot of people because I had more views yesterday than if I combined every days views on this blog since I started it and then multiplied it by 4! And I’m literally not even exaggerating.

I’ve definitely learnt a lesson though. The written word is powerful, especially when posted online and I’ll try not to make the same mistake again. Yesterdays post caused a lot of upset which I honestly wasn’t expecting because I didn’t even think many people would read it. I should also refrain from posting when I’m in such a worked up state. For anyone it offended, I sincerely apologise and you’ll be happy to note that I removed the letter part of yesterdays post.

Lastly, I think the person I wrote to yesterday deserves another letter. But unlike yesterdays, today’s will be a sorrowful and complimentive letter which I’ll write to that person directly rather than publicly posting.


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