Blog Challenge – Day 14 – A photo of you and your family

Family is such a peculiar concept to me. Family can mean a lot of different things to many people. There’s obviously the most common and definition which is those who are related to you by blood and heritage. Your mother, your father, your siblings if you have some and perhaps your extended relatives too. But things can get messy pretty quickly once divorces and remarriages occur, especially with multiple remarriages over several generations. And what about those who are adopted by a “new” family who is in no way closely genetically related? Sometimes you even spend so much time with a particular person, not necessarily romantically, but just a friend that has become so close that you consider them family. Anyway, i’ll stop waffling on but I just wanted to say all that because I’m going to post a lot of photos because to me there are a lot of people who make up my family but they are disjointed from one another. 

ImageFrom left: My mother, Melinda, my sister, Laura and I sipping a complimentary cocktail on arrival at the resort in Thailand we went to for a holiday. My mother is probably the family member that I have spent the most time with because after my parent’s divorce and a short couple of years with dad, I decided to live with my mum full-time and just visit my dad on weekends. 


From Left: Myself and my sister Laura. My sister and I have had our ups and downs. We didn’t get along very well, especially as teenagers, but even a lot as kids too. We still loved each other a lot and played together but I felt it was rare. Our relationship has improved somewhat since we’ve lived away from home but I hope it continues to improve further with time. 



My dad and I at his house. This photo is pretty crap quality, i don’t have many photos of my dad and I let alone recent photos so it was lucky I even found this one! When I was younger I saw him every second weekend, but since he’s moved even further away (3+ hrs drive) and I’m now busy with a full-time job etc. it’s hard to make our visits regular. 

ImageThis is Ingrid and I. Ingrid was my dad’s second wife. They are no longer married but she was a part of my life for 7 years and although they split up and we have no blood relations she still remains family to me. She’s a wonderful, kind-hearted person and despite living over an hour away she makes the effort to come visit me in the city almost every week!

ImageThis is Marcus and I. Marcus is Ingrid’s foster son, Ingrid adopted him as a young boy and this is what I mean about family being confusing sometimes. Because although he is not her biological son they love each other like they were and as my older step-brother I look up to him very much. He works in the army and I don’t get to see him much, he’s a man of few words but it’s really lovely when I do see him! 

ImageThis is Ken, my mum and I (squished between them). Ken is my mum’s fiancee, they are to be married this November. This photo is a couple years old now but we all look pretty much the same. Ken and I were a bit at each other at the beginning of their relationship because it took a while to get used to new household dynamics but we get along really well now and I’m looking forward to him being my step-daddy. My mum had a previous partner in between my dad and Ken who was in my life for 7 years but I would never consider him family and rarely pass a thought about him except perhaps in an angry memory. Ken has only been in my life for 3 years and i already consider him family much more than I ever would the other man. 


This is my Nan and Pa (on mum’s side). I have a very large extended family due to many remarriages and excessive breeding (ha ha). But I feel these two deserve a special mention. With my other extended family I unfortunately only get to see them several times a year but with this Nan and Pa, they often write, call and drop in to say hello. The berry farm in which they’ve owned and run since I was a baby and has been in our family for generations is very dear to me. They are also my most model example that true love exists. In my life I have seen and experiences so many crumbly relationships that it can be very hard to convince myself that marriages last or that true love exists, but you only have to see these two around each other and you can be certain that it does. These two people are hard-working, loving, young at heart and the most inspirational people to me. 

Love you all xx







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