Blog Challenge – Day 14 – Family photos (Part 2)

I just wanted to also add some photos of my “family” that I live with currently as their Nanny. They are from Switzerland and I have absolutely no blood or marital relation to them but we have become close very quickly and the kids are as special to me as any of my little cousins, sometimes I think of them as my little brothers and sometimes I can even imagine them being my own kids! 



This was taken just last weekend and it’s the only photo I currently have of all of us. We’re standing on top of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (we were on an Open House tour of Melbourne’s buildings) as you can see we’re all squinting a lot from the sun!
From the left: Me, Aurelien, Paul, Alex and Isabelle






I took this photo recently at the park and I though it was very cute so I just had to post it! Alex is the one on the bottom, he is 5 an in prep. Aurelien is 4 and at kinda. My photo is filled with so many adorable photos of these two little munchkins!!!



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  1. Your blog is beautiful, it is you. AJM

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