UMAT today

Right now I’m standing in an enormously long line with thousands of people milling around me.

We’re all here this morning to sit the UMAT – the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test. To get into almost any Medical course in Australia as well as most dentistry and physiotherapy courses, you need to sit this test, and most importantly, you need to score highly.

I sat the test last year and the whole process took 6 hours – 3 hours and 10 minutes for the actual exam and the rest was just waiting in lines, checking identification, nervously talking to randoms and being directed and organised into our rows and seats.

This year the Melbourne’s morning session is being held at Caulfield Racecourse. I find the irony in this choice of venue quite amusing. A place that is so often full of luck as well as misfortune is again being used a purpose that holds so much at stake for everyone in attendance.

This post got interrupted as the line started moving and I got talking to another girl in the line. Like me she was doing the test for a second time however she wanted to do physio not medicine like I do.

I was much happier with the venue this time, partly because it was much warmer inside but also because I love horse racing and so it felt like a lucky choice for me. To top it all off I happened to be seated in a really good spot. The rooms are a few hundred metres wide and over 2 levels. I happened to be seated right in the middle if the room, directly in front of the finish line where many of famous horses have dashed across to win world famous races and have their names go down in history. I was feeling very calm and fortunate. However I did not finish the exam before the buzzer sounded for pencils down. This isn’t too terrible as I know a large majority of people who sit it don’t complete it, I completed around the same number of questions last year and still got a pretty good score, this time though the questions I answered were probably answered better so I’m hoping to still improve my score. I’m glad it’s over now though!

By the way, I wrote most if this yesterday but couldn’t post until today cause after the exam my day was non-stop and I couldn’t even spare 5 mins to finish it!


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