Blog Challenge – Day 18 – Plans/dreams/goals you have

I just typed a really long post to answer this question and just as I went to hit publish and I accidentally hit something else and it went and deleted itself on me! Every other time when I haven’t even needed it I’ve hit ‘Save Draft’ just in case, and the one time I don’t is the one time I lose all my work!

03/08/13 6:30am Ugh, the other thing is I did not have a second to post all day yesterday so I wrote all of that last night and then when it deleted itself on me I could not bear to stay up any longer to type it all out again. You’re probably wondering why I’m up so early and why I don’t just post later, well that’s because I have another very busy day today with work starting at 8am so this will be my only chance 😦

Anyway, to answer the actual question… Well, I’ve already talked a lot about this topic before like in Day 01 (17/07/13) and again in Day 08 (24/07/13), as well as any time that I’ve tagged 12WBT or exercise, or diets. Most of my short term goals revolve around my plans to get healthier and my dreams of having an awesomely toned body. So today instead I’ll talk about my longer term goals. 

I’m one of those crazy people who likes plan every inch of my future life from as general as saying I want to be a doctor or as specific as I want to be a Paediatric Neurosurgeon who works at The Royal Childrens’ in Melbourne and occasionally goes to disaster zones to help with medical aid. I could say simply I want to live in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne or as specific as I want to live in the haunted looking mansion on Church St, Richmond and grow a huge fruit & vegetable garden with lots of berries, rhubarb, all types of veggies and tons of herbs including chocolate mint. 

However I’m also a logical person and realise more than most that life has a way of stepping in and turning your life upside-down, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but that’s what makes it so interesting. For example if you had’ve asked me 12 months ago what I’d be doing now I would’ve said something along the lines of “Living at home with mum while studying medicine or science at Monash and working at a nearby cafe saving to buy a house” when in actual fact I have since moved 5 times! I’m living with a Swiss family and working as their Nanny, I’m not really studying (except for an online course I occasionally log in to) and instead I’m saving for my trip to Europe with Maddie at the end of the year!

Despite the natural interruptions of life it still satisfies my nerves to plan what’s ahead, the key is just to leave a lot of room for experimental error in those plans. At one particular melt-down moment a couple months ago I was feeling frazzled and stressed about how much plans had changed so much. Four years previous I had written a 10 year plan, some of it happened exactly the way I planned and other parts surprised the shit out of me. For example I never would’ve guessed I’d be giving the thumbs up to my mum’s second marriage, I never thought I would’ve had a surgery and discovered an underlying medical condition I never knew I had, I never thought I’d be a Nanny for heavens sake, but I must say I do love my job! Nonetheless it was time to sit down and write a new 10-year career plan. The last plan also included details of what age I’d like to have kids and buy a house etc. but I’ve decided that those aspects of life are too unpredictable and aren’t really as contingent upon planning so instead I just went with more of a career plan.




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