Blog Challenge – Day 19 – Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Well as I’ve said before my actual given name is Katherine. So naturally most of my names stem from that but some of them are to do with my last name and the fact the almost everyone know I want to be a doctor as well as a few other random events.

Kat – A girl started calling my this in grade 4 and it stuck
Kath – only family are allowed to call me this cause I don’t really like it, but most call me Kat now anyway.
Kitty – My friend Angelica started this and then some of my school friends joined in.
Katerina – My Step mum and my Prep teacher
Katerina Kabina – Just my step-mum calls me this
Katerac – My bestie Maddie dubbed me with this one.
Katelac – Maddie again, and I call her Madelac occasionally. 
Katastrophe – given to me by a mean guy at school who said I always caused trouble
Kitty Litter – given to me by the same mean guy, he thought it was hilarious 
Miss Meow – given to me by a sub teacher in primary school
Kath Day Knight – my grade 4 teacher called me this for half the year
Hot Shorts – the same grade 4 teacher started calling me this after I wore bright red shiny shorts to interschool sports.
Bluey – Half the school called me the this after I performed ‘I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65’ at the School Talent Quest when I was in Prep ( I was the only preppy to perform)
Doc – A few friends separately started calling me this. 
Dr Knight – As above


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