Blog Challenge – Day 20 – List 5 things you would tell your 16 year-old self if you could

Sometimes I like to look ahead at the coming days questions so I have more time to consider them. For this one I’ve been thinking about it the last couple of days and even asked some of my relatives what their answers would be to this one. Their answers weren’t of much help to me because they had different regrets such as they wouldn’t have got married to a certain person, or they would’ve stayed in school. I’m not married yet and stayed in school so I can’t talk about those things, but here are my 5:

1. When you see your sister Laura smoke for the first time, don’t wait to tell mum, tell her straight away and make sure you get on top of it before it spiralled out of control.

2. In year 12 study harder for the UMAT.

3. On Friday the 15th of February 2013, don’t go out that night. 

4. At the start of year 11 DO NOT WORK! You should’ve focused more on your studies rather than earning money at that time. 

5. This one was me being a bit cheeky and thinking a bit outside the box – I’d tell myself the winning horses for a number of races and bet a lot of money on them!


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