Blog Challenge – Day 22 – What makes you different from everyone else

Hmmm.. this is a bit of a difficult one. I asked my step-mum and brother last night their opinions and they said a lot but the couple that stuck out were 1. My incredibly tiny hands and 2. Marcus kept saying how meticulous I am! Both of which are very true. 

Here are some other things that make up my individuality:

3. I’m extremely honest (some would say blunt). 
4. If after an argument, I later realise I was in the wrong, I’m not afraid to go back to that person and tell them so.
5. I don’t believe in apologising for the sake of it. I’ll never say sorry unless I mean it and I never accept apologies unless I believe that the person actually knows what they’re saying sorry for. 
6. In some parts of my life I am stupidly organised and neat and in others (such as my bedroom) I actually enjoy having a bit of mess. I have a particular habit of leaving clothes on my bed and making a nest among them to sleep! (Please don’t judge me!)
7. I try to be pretty objective, I never side with someone because I like them better or because they’re family I try to assess both sides of the situation. Some would probably say this makes me appear disloyal. 
8. I love looking up the meanings of names and often try to connect a person’s personality with their name meaning. 

They’re a bit random, but random differences is what makes people unique!


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