Blog Challenge – Day 25 – What I would find in your bag

Surprising as it is considering I’m an adult female, I don’t often carry around a bag. Not on weekdays especially. Really all I need is my phone, car & house keys, my license and bank card. I’m a big fan of jackets with a million inside pockets and zips because I hate carrying bags. But when I just have too much to stuff in my pockets I do take my vintage over-shoulder leather brown bag which has a number of things stuffed inside:

The Essentials:
My iPhone
My Wallet – when I take the bag I put the license and bank card back in my wallet with all the other ID and loyalty cards.
3 sets of keys: one set has my car key, my motorbike key, my house keys and a small torch, the second set has the keys for the mailbox, front door and storage closet of my mums house plus a red key that can be used to get 20% discount on food and drink at a bar near her house, the third and final set have the door key, garage opener and lift scanner for the apartment of the boy that I regularly babysit.

The Random Other Crap:
A Blistex Banana-Berry lip balm
A Plain Freebie lip balm I got from the Monash Uni Open Day
2 hair-ties
1 bobby-pin
Half a pack of buttermenthols
A keyring bottle opener
A pocket-size full packet of tissues, and a half packet
A broken coin purse with a shaver head inside – don’t even ask!
13 old cinema tickets
A coupon book for discount car washes
27 International AirMail stickers
An Australian two-dollar coin
Half a packet of indigestion tablets
My black Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies

That’s all folks! Not even sure how all that fits in my small bag! I usually keep a pen in there two but I’m not sure where that went :/


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One response to “Blog Challenge – Day 25 – What I would find in your bag

  1. Pens do have a habit of going AWOL don’t they?

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