Blog Challenge – Day 26 – Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

I’m so glad today is an uncomplicated question for me because I just got home from a party and am rushing off to go to a Travel Expo, a Uni Open day and seeing my brother and possibly my mum later. 

The reason I started doing the challenge was to give me inspiration of what to write about each day and to get me into the habit of writing everyday even when I’m not in a ‘creative mood’. Now that I’ve formed that habit I wan to continue doing it because the topics are interesting. Even if you can write about anything, readers may think “why the hell is she even talking about this?” but by doing the challenge I can refer back to it and talk about lots of interesting and strange things that I usually wouldn’t think of talking about. 

After I’ve finished this one I’ll post probably start another 30 day challenge. because it’s been fun, but I’ll also continue to do some additional posts unrelated to the challenge if there’s something I want to say and share. 

P.S. You may’ve noticed I switched Day 26 and 27’s questions around cause I’m still working on the other one :/ 


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