Uh Oh Spaghetti-O!

The power went off all afternoon yesterday, which was fine initially because I was out during the day and didn’t get home and realise until just before 4pm. But at that point my phone and laptop were both almost flat and the sky was darkening quite quickly. 

Luckily our water is gas heated so I could still give the kids a hot bath and got Alex’s homework done before it got too dark. The kids didn’t quite understand why the television wasn’t working, the concept of power is still a bit beyond them but once it was dark they were entertained by games on the i-pad. I managed to get a roaring fire going which I was very proud of cause I usually struggle with this fire-place and I lit a few candles here and there. I even wrapped some potatoes in foil and chucked them in the fire! They were a bit burnt on the outside but deliciously steamy on the inside. 

Once it was well and truly dark and Isa and Paul got home we went out to dinner to Van Mai, my favourite Vietnamese Restaurant on Victoria St and I scoffed down a big bowl of Rice Vermicelli with shredded pork and chopped spring rolls mixed through. 

People often complain when the power is out but I actually had a pretty good night. While the kids were playing games I used my new book light to read my Sherlock Holmes novel on the couch. Made it more exciting to read in the darkness 🙂 The only downside however is that I’m now well behind on my blog posts and I have no idea what day I’m actually meant to be up to, so just to be on the triple-safe-side, I’m going to do 3 days worth of Blog Challenge posts! Happy Reading!


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