Blog Challenge – Day 27 – What you think about your friends

I think they’re great! Otherwise I wouldn’t call them my friends.

No, in all honesty I quite dislike this question. It’s not just because it scares me that I might accidentally offend someone by telling them what I think of them, particularly on the internet for everyone to see, but mostly because the lines are very blurry between close friends, normal friends and acquaintances so am I just meant to talk about close friends? In which case some people may be offended that I don’t consider them close. Or am I supposed to talk about all friends? In which case I’ll be here forever! (Hence why I’m posting this a couple days late and switched it with day 27’s Q, cause I’ve been trying to think what I will write about all my friends!)

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to set some “conditions”; a particular friend has to meet BOTH of these conditions to be considered ‘close’ and I’ll only talk about those friends in this post….

The Conditions:
1. I would be most comfortable to organise to see this person one-on-one (i.e. not at a party or social gathering or group outing); and
2. I see/talk to this person on a regular basis (at least once every two weeks), or would do if they didn’t live so damn far away.

Now that we’ve narrowed things done a bit, I can list a few close friends to talk about (in the order that I met them):

Emma and Alex
As I’ve said in a previous post I met Emma and Alex when I was 4. I vividly remember that day cause dad had just taught me to ride my bike without training wheels and so I was proudly riding up and down the street in our newly developed housing estate. Emma (7) and Alex’s (4) family had just moved in recently too. The two of them were sitting on the front lawn playing with a bucket of mud. I noticed them as I was riding up and back and then stopped and called out “that’s gross” then kept riding, Emma looked up but neither said anything. I rode up and back again, stopped and this times said “that’s disgusting” then kept riding. I rode up and back once more stopped again and then just stared silently and longingly at the bucket of squelchy mud. Emma looked up again and after a few seconds said “Want to be friends?” I enthusiastically replied “Yeah!” and that is how it all began. We’ve been friends ever since. I’ve moved around a lot since then and they moved back to Adelaide (where they were born), a couple years ago. But we’ve always managed to stay in touch and whenever she’s in Melbourne we organised to catch-up, meanwhile we have to make do with text, facebook and letters. Alex and Emma, along with their whole family are the loveliest and friendliest people you could meet. They don’t ever seem to argue and the worst you’ll see from them is some friendly teasing in which the person being teased will usually laugh along too. Of course it’s impossible to always be happy, but when someone is down they just go quiet and retreat away until they’re good again, I’ve never seen any of them have an angry outburst like the rest of the worlds people do! I miss them and think about them all the time wishing they lived closer so I could see them more. Emma and I still always end our messages with Best Friends Forever and I Love You!

This is a few years old, but literally the only photo I can find at the moment of just the two of them! 

I also remember when I met my best friend Maddie. It was 2009 and I’d just moved to a new school. But the week that school started was the weekend immediately after Black Saturday. During black saturday I was stranded at my dad’s farm in Yea and felt extremely scared. The story of that weekend is for another time though. My point is, that when I finally got back to school, not only was I nervous about being completely new, but I was also stunned into silence having images of the weekend cross my mind, all the deaths were still fresh to me where as everyone else seemed oblivious to the chaos going on not 1 hour away. I missed the Monday and the teachers had told the kids to be weary of me because I might be upset and so instead of treating me normally, most just avoided me alltogether. Except Maddie that is. She didn’t have any of her usual friends in our home group class and she was in a lot of my classes so it was not long before she would just start talking to me. Maddie in 2009 was a big talker and she was probably in her most footy-obsessed phase and as no one else would listen we became friends through her talking and me being the only person to nod, laugh and listen. Eventually I started throwing in a few words too and our friendship grew from there. Now we a practically inseparable. As I’ve said previously I consider her family my family as well. Even our other friends know that we’re so close that when Maddie isn’t answering her phone their first idea is to text me and ask if I know where she is, which I usually do! It’s rare that we would for more than 2 days without seeing each other and although I argue more with her than I do anyone else, every time we do have an argument, once we sort it out I think it actually improves our friendship even more. 
This is from my Valedictory dinner. My dad forgot to come so Maddie saved the day and came instead of him! She brushes up pretty good since she had to get ready in the car on the way there!

I met Michael through a website called Students of the World where you sign up and introduce yourself to meet people around the world to become penpals with. This is how I met most of my penpals but Michael is more than a penpal. Letters take too long and we like to talk more often than that so at first we wrote long emails until we added each other on facebook and now we talk pretty much everyday. I haven’t yet met him in person but for the first time ever, he’s coming to Australia… this weekend! And staying for 2 months so I’ll be seeing him this Saturday. It’s odd because in one way I know him really well and in another not at all. I hope he’s as nice in person as he is online! I’m a bit nervous but I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’ve talked a bit on Skype so at least I’m somewhat used to his funny American accent! 

I first met Jenitta during a tour around University during Orientation week and then saw her again at a party that night. At first glance I didn’t think I’d really get along with her but once I started speaking to her it really enforced the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” because we became good friends instantly. I then found out that she was staying in the apartment right next to mine. We even tried to get some communication going by knocking a certain number of time in a particular rhythm on our adjoining wall! Soon enough we were over at each others place during all our Uni breaks drinking tea and chatting about anything and everything. We of course, also had our Wednesday night dinners in which a few more people joined us to form the Dinner Crew where we alternated cooks and shared a delicious homemade meal together. Unfortunately since I moved back to Melbourne it’s been harder to stay in contact. Jenitta is still at Uni in Sydney but originally comes from Queensland. I miss seeing her and sharing a cuppa tea. But we try to talk via facebook and send letters as often as we can. 
This is Jenitta (in the Ellen onesie on the left) and I (in the Koala onesie on the right) hanging from a tree one night on Uni Res. Sadly she dislocated her shoulder in this pic but popped it in herself straight after! (She’s a tough one!)


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