Blog Challenge – Day 28 – A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed?

Fortunately Facebook date-stamps the photos you upload so I could easily find a photo almost exactly a year ago today. 
This was taken at a boy’s school formal I was invited to. Lots of my friends were also invited as formal dates. From the left me, Em and Sophie. 

This photo was taken last weekend at a friends birthday gathering. I’m on the left, Nessie on the right. 

I think physically (which I assume is the point of showing the photos), I haven’t changed much except for putting on a few kilos, which I’m currently in the process of trying to lose again! However, mentally I think I’ve changes a lot! Your mindset completely changes when you go from school-kid to the real-world. And as I’ve also said in previous posts I’m doing so much this year that I never expected I’d be doing and in the process I’ve learnt so much. I hope one year from now I will again be able to say that I’ve continued learning new things everyday, but that also I’ll look much fitter and healthier than now. 


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