Blog Challenge – Day 30 – Favourite Song

Clearly I failed the challenge because I didn’t post everyday! But how do I do people manage to post EVERYday, like I just get busy and then all of a sudden it’s bed time and a new day is dawning! 

Anyway, I’ll answer the question and then write a separate post about what I’ve been up to! This question is kind of annoying because I never have just one favourite song, I always have a bunch of songs and it really really depends on my mood at that given moment. So as usual I’ll overdo it and give you three songs that I like at the moment:

Change Your Life – Little Mix
Hall of Fame – The Script
Royals – Lorde


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One response to “Blog Challenge – Day 30 – Favourite Song

  1. ahhh… that’s why it’s a challenge 😀 I normally do mine first thing in the morning whilst I am having coffee and breakfast, so it’s out of the way 😀

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