Super Nanny!

So I finally have some time to sit down and write this! About a week and a bit ago the mums of a boy I nanny texted me saying things were going on in the family that meant my hours would change and be reduced. In the text she actually explained what the reasons were but I’m not going to publicise all the juicy details! The point is, I was then in a situation where I needed to quickly find more work or I was not going to be able to afford my trip to Europe at the end of the year. So I reloaded my Gumtree Ad which reads: 


Seeking: Casual/Regular Evening Babysitting, Casual/Regular Weekend Babysitting, Casual/Regular Daytime Work, Overnight Stays, Tutoring, Homework Help

Dear Parents and Families,

My name is Katherine and I live in Kew. To quickly get the essential basics out of the way I can tell you that I have current WWCC, Police Check, Senior First Aid, Food Safety and Health Services Certificates. I also have experience with children of all ages over years of babysitting and currently work as a Live-In Nanny for a wonderful family with two young boys aged 4 and 5 who’s parents are happy to be a reference. To clarify, I am planning to stay on long term with this family but have a lot of extra time that I wish to fill with more Nannying/Babysitting and/or tutoring.

My AVAILABLE hours are as follows:
8:45am – 3:30pm weekdays
From 7pm weekdays
All day on weekends
Overnight stays are also welcome
Am happy to work both on a regular or casual basis.

As well as looking after kids I can help out with housework too if needed. I have a car (less than a year old) with full safety features, regular access to child booster seats and license to drive both manual and automatic so am happy to do work that requires me to drive with children.

Now that you know all the essentials you may also want to know that I am Australian (have grown up in and around Melbourne) and am hoping to save and travel in the future. I am a very caring person, I love looking after kids and encouraging a well-rounded development by playing games, being creative, helping them to learn and supporting social interaction where appropriate. All while taking care of the most important goal: to keep them safe, healthy and happy. I also value having an open honest relationship with the parents of any child I care for so that both parties feel comfortable to raise any issues or concerns.

For those looking for tutoring for their child you will be interested to know that my final year exams (VCE) placed me in the top 6% of Victorian students. I took Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Philosophy and Psychology and achieved top state scores for Biology and Mathematics. I am willing to provide tutoring/homework help to any age level from Prep to Year 12 particularly in English, Mathematics and Sciences.

My current family as well as families I have previously worked for are happy to provide reference. I charge $20p/h for nannying/babysitting and $25p/h for tutoring. However payment is negotiable depending on the specific requirements of the job (e.g. number of children needing care or tutoring, ages of children, academic level for tutoring etc.)

Please message me if you would like a copy of my references or photographs of certifications. If all of the above sounds like it would suit your needs then I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting to know you in the future!

Other Skills: I’ve played soccer for a number of years and also a bit of AFL, but am happy to play and help your kids practice for any sport or other hobbies. I love to be creative including arts and crafts as well as singing and making music.

Languages: Fluent in English (Australian) and am learning French 🙂 And would love to learn German and Italian in the future.

Anyway, the day after I posted it I got a call from a man who wanted me to work in a Day Spa as a receptionist which I was initially interested in because I really just need the money! But then he started asking a few strange questions and I got this sick feeling in my stomach that said something wasn’t right. So after consulting with my mum and friend I decided to go with my gut and ignore the offer, 6 missed calls later he finally stopped ringing, phew! Then I got an email asking if I was interested in coming to a modelling audition, which my mum immediately said, “No way, it’s not real, it’s dodgy!” (Ouch!) I mean, I know I’m not model material but for a moment I was enjoying floating in the bliss of thinking someone would really think I’m attractive enough to be a model, but mum quickly beat the idea out of my mind, thanks mum! 

Finally the next day I got some legitimate requests for interviews to do the jobs that I’d actually advertised for! Since then I’ve called several people to discuss what they would like and whether it would be suitable and had two interviews which upon leaving I was told I had the job. So I now have 4 jobs! My regular live-in nannying for Aurelien (4) and Alex (5), my now reduced hours with Brodie (3), and my two new ones: Ava (3) and Alyssa (2) two gorgeous little girls who’ve just moved here from Dubai less than a month ago! And finally Chloe (9 months), a little girl of two well-known media presenters, I was pretty please that they like my advertisement because as successful journalists, they obviously know what they’re talking about! I still need to follow up a couple of emails and because the new jobs are just on a casual basis I’ll still keep my ad up on Gumtree to encourage more casual jobs.


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