Talk About Incidental Exercise!!

As most of you know by now, I’m doing Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT). It’s the start of week 3 and it’s going moderately well. On the exercise front it’s good, I’ve been managing to get myself to the gym almost everyday to push out an hour or so of sweat – or as someone else put it, an hour of making my fat cry. The nutrition plan is also going pretty good although I sometimes have to substitute ingredients or leave them out if they’re too expensive, too hard to find, or only come in too big portions. E.g. I refuse to buy a whole jar of horseradish cream when only one recipe has called for it and in that, only 1 teaspoon. Portion sizing for lunch and breakfast are easy because I’m just cooking for me so I just halve the recipe (most recipes serve 2). But dinner is a little but more confusing because there’s two young boys who sometimes eat as much as an adult and sometimes barely touch their food and then the two parents eat sometimes a normal amount and sometimes enough for 3 people (despite being scarily thin), so I never know weather to double or triple the recipe. I usually triple, then divide it by 6 and serve myself first so I get a more accurate portion and then hand over the rest to the family to fight it out for. Every dinner in their household is followed by a piece of fruit and then chocolate. This is really hard for me to watch because I love fruit even more than chocolate and still chocolate is hard enough to watch so I often organise my gym sessions to be straight after dinner so I rush off before I get too tempted by the giant bowl of glistening juicy fruits that sits as centrepiece of the dining table. 

Last night I planned to rush off after dinner and pump out 20-30 minutes of cardio to get my body in exercise mode and then do an hours Pilates class. So I got there, jumped on the bike setting it to interval training and plugged in my headphones, filling my head with boppy inspiring tunes to get me motivated. From the bike in the gym I can see the stairs leading up to the Group Fitness Studio and was watching it closely. 5 minutes earlier than expected people started filing into the room so I quickly finished up and wiped down the bike before heading upstairs. Staring through the giant glass doors I noticed everyone had steps out… we don’t usually use steps for Pilates but I hadn’t been to Monday night Pilates yet and it was a different instructor so I thought she must just like to incorporate it somehow. So I went in and set myself up a step too. Then she turned on the music which was surprisingly upbeat compared to the usual soothing melodies that the other instructor plays for Pilates… and then it clicked. Sometimes if two classes are held at the same time, they run one downstairs in the creche room which is where my relaxing Pilates class would have been being held. I unfortunately was now stuck in a cardio pumping Body Step Class! I had to resist the urge to run out of the room and embrace the accident as a sign that I needed to do more cardio today. I think when Michelle was mentioning incidental exercise she was talking about the kind where you take on the staircase at work rather than hopping in the lift. But I tried to convince myself this was kind of the same… except a lot harder. I also had NO CLUE what I was doing so I was tripping all over the step to the point where another woman in the class, clearly a regular, said, “here take my spot, so you can see better” so now I was even more centred in the room diminishing all chances of me making a subtle run for it. Somehow I made it through the class and went and apologised to the instructor at the end explaining that I was planning to be in Pilates not Step hence why my facial expression was stuck in a state of shock for the whole 60 minutes. Some girls from the class heard me talking to the teacher and so congratulated me for sticking through it which gave me a little bit of a confidence boost. When I got home I was so thirsty but bored of guzzling water so I went to find some herbal tea. There wasn’t any tea but when I opened the cupboard, a block of chocolate, literally jumped from the shelf and landed at my feet screaming, “EAT ME!” … Okay so perhaps it fell, rather than jumped and perhaps it’s voice was in my head but it still tested me. I obediently put it away and backed calmly away from the cupboard to go back to my boring water bottle. 

My muscles ache this morning but I’m feeling proud and will be hitting the gym again today. This time: Body Pump!


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