About KittysJournal

The meaning behind my blog name I posted about on 18/07/13 but for those who can’t be bothered scrolling back through previous posts then I’ve reposted it below…

The answer to this question is probably pretty obvious. My name is Katherine, which people often shorten to Kat and Kitty and I decided to do the blog to get my thoughts out a bit like a diary so it’s a bit of a personal journal. Having said that, the reason I decided to publish it rather than just keep writing in a private book on my shelf is because I wanted to practice writing and see what people’s response is to it… whether they enjoy reading it. Someone once told me that “your life isn’t complete unless you’ve attempted writing a book at least once” so among other things I’d like to tick that of my bucket list one day. But I don’t want to write for the sake of writing either, I want it to be insightful or inspiring or funny or at the very least and bit interesting and enjoyable to read. So this blog is essentially my practice pieces. Any tips or advice is always welcome!


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