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January Blog Challenge – Day 3 – Name and explain an exercise habit you will change this month

Well 3 days into the New Year and I’ve already technically failed this challenge because I didn’t post it yesterday! In my defence though, I planned to do it last night after I got home from work, so I went to work yesterday at 9am and my boss asked me to stay until 12 midnight (I’m working as a nanny, PA and cleaner for the one lady) and then because I was starting at 7am the next day she just offered for me to stay over instead of driving home and back. So I did that, which explains why I didn’t have access to my laptop. Anyway, I doubt anyone is too distressed that I didn’t post. Here’s my response to this challenge question though….

On Day 1 I said that one of my New Years Resolutions is to train for a triathlon this year and to actually participate in one for the 2014-15 season. So as part of that plan I need to change up my exercise routine. And to start with I actually need to have an exercise routine. I was going to the gym 5-7 times a week before I went on holiday and since I quit the gym (cause I’m broke) I barely do any exercise. But as I’ve also said, I’m moving into my new place on Monday and as soon as I get settled with a new job and all I’ll be joining the gym round the corner (well 10-15 mins walk but that’s practically around the corner). They have lots of Lesmills gym classes and I also saw on their website that they have a triathlon training program, but as the season is almost over for this year, it’s probably not very economical to join it this year. However I do need to ease myself back into exercise so my first habit to work on is this: Go to the gym or do some form of exercise for a minimum of 5 x 60 minutes per week, preferably more. 

Don’t yell at me for being pessimistic but I’m just being honest when I say that I will initially fail at this because I know myself and until I can afford the gym membership I find it very hard to do “outdoor exercise” like running etc. Cycling I’d happily do if I had a bike and swimming too if the weather wasn’t so bloody freezing, what happened to the face-melting Aussie summer that I remember, I miss global warming. I’m going to get throttled for that last comment. Please don’t kill me, I am joking. 

My point is, if I ever get to it, if I even have one, I think I have one, well I’m not really sure. But basically I will initially fail but as soon as I get a gym membership and another job to pay for it I promise you, I promise everybody and mostly I promise to myself that I will use it and I will succeed at my first goal of doing minimum 5 hours exercise a week, probably and preferably more!



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Blog Challenge – Day 09 – Something you’re proud of in the past few days

When I started this blog challenge and read through the list of posts I was going to make over this month and read todays question I was worried that when I came to it I’d have nothing decent to say that I’m truly proud of. But to my delight, I do. 

I have really stuck to my goal of making exercise a part of everyday and even more to my surprise, I’ve actually started enjoying it! In fact I probably went a bit overboard yesterday! I went to Total Tone class in the morning which was utterly confusing and tested my coordination to it’s uppermost limit. By the evening I was feeling more energised than I have of late and decided to go to my favourite class at 7:30pm: Body Attack. When I got to the gym I realised Yoga was on straight afterwards so I figured I hadn’t tried it yet and it would be nice to do a long stretch after a high intensity class like Body Attack. So by the end of the day I had infact spent 3 hours at the gym! And they weren’t just three slow gentle hours they were hard working, even in Yoga we did planks and a million of those ‘downward-facing-dog’ poses which really workout the legs arms and core! 

I’ve also already gotten so used to doing exercise as part of my morning routine after dropping the kids that this morning when I didn’t go straight to the gym I had the sensation of forgetting something the same as when you realise you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth when you’ve already left. But just incase you think i’m skipping out on my exercise today, I’m not! I purposefully didn’t go this morning because I’m going to do another set of back-to-back classes with a friend tonight. We’re both trying Body pump for the first time tonight (the class that I’ve been most nervous and afraid to try because it looks quite hard) then straight after we’re going into an hour of Pilates which is a bit more work than Yoga so it’s going to be a real challenge! I am going to be uber positive and say that I’m proud of what I am going to have achieved by this evening because I know that i won’t back out of doing it! The only thing that could stop me now is a really serious emergency… and what are the chances? Although I better not jinx myself in saying that!!

Finally, I also want to post a picture of my sister a couple of years ago when she was at her thinnest. She’s still thin now but not as toned because due to current personal events she hasn’t had as much time for working out. But this picture of her has always inspired me and I hope if she reads this post she’ll be inspired to achieve this body once again.

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Blog Challenge – Day 08 – Short term goals for this month and why

Well I’ve just joined Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) which I’ll be blogging lots about over the next few months. So goal number one is to complete every instruction given by the program. That means completing all the pre-season tasks thoroughly and in detail where required as well as sticking to the diet and exercise plans that she will set for us once the program really gets going. 

Another goal, on the same note, is that I am aiming to make doing exercise a habitual part of every day. That means, I don’t have a choice and I don’t even think about it. No consideration is required at all. I just do it like I showering, eating, sleeping, brushing teeth etc. It’s going to become part of my daily routine so that it gets done everyday regardless, the only thing that could stop me is some major event where it would be impossible to go to the gym or get out for a run and on those days I’m sure I can squeeze just a little work-out in somewhere even if it’s just stairs or speeding up my walk. 

On a completely different note, next week I am sitting the UMAT which stands for Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test. It’s an extremely difficult and challenging test not based on knowledge but rather at skilfulness of answering the questions which are of three types: Verbal Logic and Reasoning, Non-Verbal Logic and Reasoning and Emotional Intelligence. I think it would be unrealistic for me to hope to get a score that will get me into medicine this time round as I have not consistently practiced and kept my head down like I should have all year. However I am also not letting myself off the hook completely. I’ve sat the test once before and placed well in the top 20 percent so my goal now is just to improve my score and gain a higher ranking. I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I probably won’t be doing medicine next year which isn’t all bad because I’m going to do paramedicine instead (a course I’ve already been accepted into) and as it is of a lesser workload I will have more time to enjoy my youth and work hard at earning some savings to live off when I eventually do study medicine!

My last goal for this month is to do with my current job as a Nanny. One of the boys I live with and look after everyday has been being uncharacteristically rude and disrespectful to me, his brother and his parents lately and it has got to stop. I’m already taking measures to set firm boundaries but my true goal is to stick to these unwaveringly without letting his behaviour affect me. Lately I have and have been getting angry, agitated, stressed and by the end of the day I’m exhausted! But no more! I am the boss of him, not the other way round and I’m going to make that clear as crystal!

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Disappeared now back!

Well it’s certainly been a while but I’m back. Since my last post I moved house which was a big exercise and have joined the local gym and an online fitness program called Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation. 

So along with my usual spiels about Nannying and teen drama and the general life of me, I’m also going to use this blog as a bit of a diary page and progress tracker of my journey through the program. Hopefully it’s successful because as of right now I’m truly putting myself out there for everyone to see which makes me nervous and excited and will surely be a good motivator for me to stick to the program!

Today was the first day of Pre-Season. The 12 weeks officially starts on August 12 but during the next 28 days we have a number of tasks to get ourselves warmed up and in the zone for the challenges that lie ahead. Today the first task was set which was pretty easy but also quite useful. We had to write out and categorise all the excuses we often use to avoid exercise or healthy eating. Then we had to write solutions to these excuses. 

My favourite and number #1 top of the list excuse is “I’m too tired”. You see I have an uncanny ability to fall asleep at the drop of the hat. I could be anywhere at anytime and if I want to I can fall asleep within minutes. I know plenty of friends who complain that they can’t sleep and spend hours awake and can’t nap because it takes too long to fall asleep. I on the other hand can fall asleep as soon as I put my head down… in fact it doesn’t even have to be down for my eyes to close and me to be lulled in unconsciousness! I have a terrible habit of napping multiple times a day for 10-15 minutes. I even used to use my lunch break during uni to run home, nap for 8 minutes on the couch and then run back to class! Anyway this habit has got to go! I need to stop wasting my life not being aware of it and instead be living it in waking consciousness! I also need to stop using my constant tiredness as an excuse to get out of doing exercise. In fact I’ve been told many times that my energy levels would surely improve if I did more exercise. So from now on NO MORE NAPS. And no more of those other pesky excuses like “I’m too busy” or “I’m unmotivated”. Please hold me to it people. From now on I shall exercise like its any other habit, like showering, brushing teeth etc. First step to success, here I come! 

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