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January Blog Challenge – Day 1 – What are your health-related New Year’s Resolutions?

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! I hope everyone had a fantastic night whether they were out parting or just had a quiet night alone or with loved ones. I reckon 2014 will be epic (I can feel it in my bones)!!! I had a great night at a gathering with some good friends, lots of alcohol and a delicious BBQ, what more could you want? This morning, to start the year off 5 of us who slept over went for a run. Two of us turned back half way and the fitness freaks continued to run about 8 or 9km. Perfect way to start the year! We chilled most of the afternoon just mucking about, cleaning up and having fun in general. Now here I am living up to my first resolution of posting every day this month and hopefully even after this blog challenge is finished. 

So to answer the first question: What are my New Years resolutions… the health related ones only otherwise I’ll be here for hours (I always have a lot of resolutions)! 

1. Follow the 80:20 balanced diet rule. I’ll explain in detail about this in tomorrows question but just briefly, I want to try maintain a paleo-style diet (basically no processed foods, primarily veggies fruit and meat) for 80% of my week, but allow myself to be naughty 20% of the time so I don’t feel like I’m completely giving up things I love like oreos and ice-cream. 

2. Train for a triathlon. I don’t think I’ll can train enough to feel comfortable doing a triathlon this season (2013-14), especially with how much other stuff is going on at the moment (moving house, new jobs, new relationship, financially broke etc). Plus the season finishes in less than two months so I think I’ll aim to train and do one towards the end of the year for the 2014-15 season instead. 

3. Be more strict on my sleeping habits. This may sound a bit unrelated, but people sometimes forget how important sleep is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I’ve noticed in the past that when I’m sleeping well I’m much more likely to exercise more and be motivated to eat better, plus I just feel generally happier because it’s no fun feeling tired and exhausted all the time!

4. Save alcohol for special significant occasions only. And special doesn’t mean every weekend at parties. To qualify, it has to be a pretty important event. Like the night I move in to my first own place, or when I first complete a triathlon, birthdays can count too but only if they’re birthdays of very close family members or friends like my parents, boyfriend or best friend. Other than that, no drinking! I’m sure my insides will be happy with this decision and I’m hoping it shines through. I’m a firm believer that you can definitely still have fun without alcohol and have banned myself for drinking for a number of weeks in the past, not only have I succeeded in not drinking for my goal amount of time but I also end up feeling really good for doing so and have found that I don’t really miss it, so I don’t think it’ll be a particularly hard resolution to stick to!

That’s it for now, talk to you all tomorrow! Hope you all have a great 2014 and may you all succeed in sticking to your resolutions!


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Latest News

Sorry again… although this time it’s not my fault! My laptop has been infected with a terrible virus! It has a high fever and has been in bed covered in itchy red spots for two weeks! Just kidding, well, kind of. It has got a really bad virus, but not that kind. It just crashes a lot and has a gazillion popups every time you go on the internet. My mother, who sadly knows more about computers than I do despite her generally techno-phobic generation, has been trying to sort it out for me, to no avail. I’ll have to take it in to a true nerd once my bank account has more than 2 cents in it. (That’s not even a joke, don’t laugh at me!)

Anyway, I’m borrowing my mums work computer at the moment, which is happily virus-free. My training schedule hasn’t exactly gone to plan so instead I have just been trying not to eat as badly or as much. In my defense though, I have been incredibly busy with my new PA job, signing a lease for my very first and very own rental property, trying to find another job so I can afford it and also gained a beautiful boyfriend (yay me). Not to mention it’s 2 days before Christmas so I’ve been planning gifts and trying to figure out how to afford it. My pay still hasn’t come through so I had to borrow money from my mum to buy her present, and everyone elses! Promise I’ll pay you back mum!

This post so far hasn’t really lived up to my promises of topic purity (if you have no idea what that means read previous posts), but I’ll get to it eventually. I’m very excited to be moving into my first own place. It’s a 1 bedroom unit with a little bathroom, kitchen and lounge-room in a block of units with a shared laundry, which I actually worked out is more cost effective for my needs anyway. The entire place is painted a deep yellow, which I’m tipping most people would hate but I surprisingly like it… maybe that’s why I got it, maybe I was the only one who applied.. ha ha probably. But who cares? Suits me! It has a huge window in the lounge area that lets in heaps of light which I love and a gas stove-top and oven, I can’t stand electric stoves! It’s not big, it’s not fancy, but it’s all functional and clean and in an awesome location. It’s literally across the road from a shopping with everything you need, 5 mins walk from a tram that takes me to the door step of my uni, or if I stay on it, it will take me to the door step of my parents house or in the other direction, my best friends house. It’s walking distance from Melbourne’s CBD and the famous MCG so I better get myself a footy membership. And 5 mins walk from a street that has a farmers market every Saturday morning! Probably best of all I can walk (or run) tp my old gym/recreation centre which I’ll be rejoining as soon as I have the funds, 6-pack abs here I come!

In other news, I decided that the best way to stay faithful to my promise of posting everyday would be to do another 30-day blog challenge… but this time with a twist! To uphold my other promise of topic purity all the questions for the blog challenge with be health, fitness, diet and exercise related! I’ll start it on Jan 1st because I know I’d just be lying to you if I said I was going to start now cause I doubt I’ll have the time to post on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the list of family parties I have lined up. My first blog challenge post on Jan 1st will be a struggle for sure as I will most definitely be hungover. Not a great way to start the year from a health perspective, buy hey, I’m Aussie, it’s tradition and YOLO.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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December 23, 2013 · 9:21 am

Day 1 & 2 – Rising and Falling

So as promised, I started training yesterday. Got up at 6:30, chucked on my excessively branded sports gear and went to Albert Park Lake for a run. I felt like a zombie but knew I needed to stick to my word otherwise I might never run again! So despite being slow, I managed to push out the 5km without stopping and keeping a fairly steady pace throughout. Afterward I walked an extra couple of km and made use of the free outdoor gym equipment beside the lake. 


Unfortunately during the run my ankle started hurting again (it’s been playing up a lot lately) and by the end of the run it was really bad. Throughout the rest of the day I could barely walk and then my back started hurting too! I woke up this morning feeling utterly crap so I’ve ALREADY fallen off the bandwagon on Day 2 of my training. HOWEVER, to make up for it, I’m going to give “Bed-ilates” a go. Yes, you read that right, pilates that you can do from the comfort of your bed. My friend is always looking up health and fitness guru’s on the internet that do “fun” and effective home exercise routines and the like and she came across this one, although I googled it and couldn’t find it so I’ll shoot her a message to get the link for that one. 

I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it’ll be good, will let you know. Or have a go yourself and comment below how it went. Alternatively I do enjoy a bit of Cassey Ho, youtuber and blogwriter of http://www.blogilates.com 
She’s very upbeat and one of those people that seem so happy all the time that you assume that they must be on something, either that or they’re an alien cause that level of energy and happiness is just not normal! Hahaha… no but seriously. Anyway, give her a go and tell me what you think. She also has some fantastic delicious & healthy recipes! She even has her own app!

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Biting the Bullet & Getting sh*t done

I’d like to start with a cliche quote which you’ve probably heard plenty of times before to set the scene for the rest of this post:

Benjamin Franklin — ‘Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.’

So welcome back to me. I’ve been missing off the blog-osphere for quite a while now, but finally here I am, I’m back and I promise (fingers crossed) I’ll stick around this time! The day after my last post I tagged along with my mother to a small business conference which was interesting enough despite me not being in any sort of business leader role at the moment. There was one speaker in particular that caught my attention when talking about his blog-writing and the large following he had. During the break between presenters I decided to take up the opportunity to go have a chat to this guy about how he became such a successful blogger. His advice to me was 1) write something everyday – which at the time I was actually already doing, 2) topic purity. I hadn’t a clue what that meant so I asked and he explained that it was simple enough: if you want a large following, you need to tap into your readers interests, not just your own. Everyone has lots of interests and the way in which we bond with other people is when our interests overlap however if you’re writing about all your interests then each topic might only be interesting to a certain group of your readers. In my head I’ve broken it down to a 6-th grade math-like scenario that goes like this:

Sandy writes a blog about her interests. Sandy has 5 potential readers. Sandy’s interests are shoes, make-up and soccer. Of her potential readers 1 is interested in shoes, make-up and soccer, 2 are interested in shoes and make-up only, 1 is interested in shoes and soccer only and 1 is interested in shoes only. If Sandy writes about all 3 of her interests then she is not capturing the attention of all her readers every time. For example, when she posts about make-up she is only capturing 3 of her potential 5 readers. If Sandy continues to post about make-up, shoes AND soccer, then each post will only capture a certain few among her readers. However if she consistently posts about shoes every time, then every post with capture the attention of all her potential readers.

I’m not sure if that made as much sense to you as it did to me in my head but basically what I’m trying to say, is that the advice this guy gave me was that if I want to get a large following of people then I need to consistently post about a narrow interest field because people don’t often want to follow a blog that only posts about something that interests them some of the time. Instead, they follow blogs that they find interesting all the time. As I said, it’s a simple enough concept, but for some reason it blew my mind and sent me into a slight panic that my blog seemed to be about anything and everything. In fact the reason why I’d dubbed my blog ‘kitty’s journal’ is because I was planning to write as if I was literally writing in a private journal and that meant writing about whatever the hell was on my mind at that given moment. I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to post again until I chose which one of my interests I should continue writing about. It took a while but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘health’ will be my topic for this blog, however knowing me I’ll still occasionally throw in some other posts about random topics because, well, f*** the system I guess.

You might be thinking, ‘Hey, you’ve already gone and done it! You said this blog was now going to be about health and this post so far has had nothing to do with it!” True, True, I say, but that is about to change! The title of this post, ‘Biting the Bullet’ not only represents the fact that I am finally getting back to blogging again. But it also represents the fact that I am going to get back into regular exercise and healthy eating again.

I was doing really well going to the gym pretty much every day up until I left for a holiday to Europe on November 6th. Initially I tried to keep up with my fitness on holiday by running everyday with my best friend who I was holidaying with. It was easy at first cause she pushed me to work hard and it was also a good way to see the sights. Our first run was through Rome to the Colosseum and I’ve got to say, it was a pretty damn enjoyable run. The other thing that made it easier was that at first I was up and full of beans at 6:30am due to jetlag, but as I settled into the new time frame, my rising out of bed got pushed back later and later, the cold, wet weather didn’t help my desire to get outside either. As you’d expect, as the the trip went on, my running days became fewer and farther apart. By the end of the trip I had only done one run the whole week and it was less than half the distance (not to mention probably half the speed) of what my initial runs were. My friend on the other hand has an uncanny ability to keep up with exercise, so she maintained a regular running schedule throughout the trip (damn her)! I am proud to say, however, that I did do at least one run in all the cities we visited: Rome, Florence, Venice, Bern, Paris and London.

ImageAnyway, point is, now that I’m home (got back last Friday the 6th), I need to get back on top of my health and fitness! Sadly though, before I left I had to quit my job as a live-in nanny because I’m starting Uni next year and won’t be able to provide them with the hours they need. That also meant I had to move out. So I’ve come home to no job and no house and most importantly, no money. I’ve unfortunately had to quit my beloved gym membership which makes motivation to exercise a lot harder! On the plus side though, within a day of getting home I’ve secured a job as a Personal Assistant for an athlete I’d previously nannied for. It starts next week which means the money will soon be rolling in. Then as soon as I find a place to live (so I can get off mother’s couch) the next thing on the priority list will be joining a new gym! Until then though, I’ll have to make to with the great outdoors! Starting tomorrow I’ll be training for a triathlon that I plan to do in Jan or Feb (depending on my progress).

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Blog Challenge – Day 09 – Something you’re proud of in the past few days

When I started this blog challenge and read through the list of posts I was going to make over this month and read todays question I was worried that when I came to it I’d have nothing decent to say that I’m truly proud of. But to my delight, I do. 

I have really stuck to my goal of making exercise a part of everyday and even more to my surprise, I’ve actually started enjoying it! In fact I probably went a bit overboard yesterday! I went to Total Tone class in the morning which was utterly confusing and tested my coordination to it’s uppermost limit. By the evening I was feeling more energised than I have of late and decided to go to my favourite class at 7:30pm: Body Attack. When I got to the gym I realised Yoga was on straight afterwards so I figured I hadn’t tried it yet and it would be nice to do a long stretch after a high intensity class like Body Attack. So by the end of the day I had infact spent 3 hours at the gym! And they weren’t just three slow gentle hours they were hard working, even in Yoga we did planks and a million of those ‘downward-facing-dog’ poses which really workout the legs arms and core! 

I’ve also already gotten so used to doing exercise as part of my morning routine after dropping the kids that this morning when I didn’t go straight to the gym I had the sensation of forgetting something the same as when you realise you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth when you’ve already left. But just incase you think i’m skipping out on my exercise today, I’m not! I purposefully didn’t go this morning because I’m going to do another set of back-to-back classes with a friend tonight. We’re both trying Body pump for the first time tonight (the class that I’ve been most nervous and afraid to try because it looks quite hard) then straight after we’re going into an hour of Pilates which is a bit more work than Yoga so it’s going to be a real challenge! I am going to be uber positive and say that I’m proud of what I am going to have achieved by this evening because I know that i won’t back out of doing it! The only thing that could stop me now is a really serious emergency… and what are the chances? Although I better not jinx myself in saying that!!

Finally, I also want to post a picture of my sister a couple of years ago when she was at her thinnest. She’s still thin now but not as toned because due to current personal events she hasn’t had as much time for working out. But this picture of her has always inspired me and I hope if she reads this post she’ll be inspired to achieve this body once again.

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