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Retail Therapy!

Today I went shopping! For a young city-dwelling female I really don’t go shopping all that often. In fact the last time I went properly shopping was when I was at the end of my europe trip on December 6, 2013. I came back to europe with literally 26 cents in my bank account. I proceeded to inhabit my mothers couch for the following month until I moved into my cosy apartment on January 6, 2014. Since then I’ve been barely getting by to pay my rent, bills and buy oh-so-delicious food, but little by little I’ve put my pennies aside and today made a small trek to DFO South Warf with my bestie heading straight for the line-up of sporting gear outlet stores. 

I have 3 favourite brands when it comes to sport gear. 2XU, Nike and Asics. Nike used to be my sole favourite, but that was back in the days before serious exercise when I was just flouncing about in the gym aimlessly. I love Nike runners purely for their aesthetics, I’ve happily owned several pairs over the years but once I started getting a bit more serious at the gym last year I realised how unsupportive Nikes were and switched to Asics. I always found Asics are somewhat, but in recent years they’ve picked up on the colour fad and are now producing fantastically supportive runners that don’t look half bad either. Last, but definitely not least is 2XU, the clothes (or should I say apparel) that makes any Joe Blow feel like an elite athlete, admittedly they have prices to match but hey, what ever makes you happy right? Suffice to say I ended up buying a couple of items from 2XU and spent a decent time browsing in the Asics and Nike stores too. Even with stock to clear discounts my 2-item hall set me back $230, but I have no regrets. 


They really weren’t kidding when they said those little grey strips are reflective!
Compression Tights $140 Cycle Vest $90 (discounted from $150)

I also intend on being a complete noob tomorrow and wearing both items with my noosa multi-coloured asics to uni tomorrow and join the Thursday running group. My only hesitation is that people might think I’m a pro runner when I turn up in that gear, but they’ll soon find out I’m just a beginner who likes to dress over enthusiastically. I don’t even know what distance they’re doing, but I guess I’ll find out.

These are my Asic Noosa’s by the way..


Until next time..




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Shopping & Sillyness

I should really be saving my money for my Europe trip with Maddie, but we honestly have addictions to shopping. Every time we walk into a chemist one or both of it comes out with a new item of make-up. Funny thing is, neither of us actually wears a tonne of make-up but we like playing with it. We put on faces and then wipe them all off. You might think it’s a waste but i don’t think so. We find it enjoyable and anything that’s enjoyable isn’t really a waste. Just like going to to movies is for pure enjoyment/entertainment.

We also buy clothes and shoes, like any girl does! Here are some photos of some of my recent purchases….


This is my leopard jumper. I’m not usually one for a lot of animal print but I like that this one had the face as well as the print. It’s super-duper soft too. It was a bit over priced $80 at Sportsgirl, but we were having a “Treat Yourself!” day and I really liked it and was worried if I waited till it went on Sale I might miss out!


These were 50% from Edward Meller, still quite expensive though $187.50, but they’re leather and suede and will last a while. I’ve been wanting a pair of red boots for a while. I really wanted the Norway Red Boots from Betts Kids (I have unusually small feet!) But they ran out of my size 😦


These were the Norway boots! 


This is my new Speedo swimsuit! It’s not a very good pic but I assure you it looks better on! And I’ve been wanting a zip-up swimsuit since I was about 6 when I grew out of my last zip-up bathers. I needed a sport one cause I’ve been doing Aqua Classes and if I wear my beach one it’s too flimsy and I feel like my boobs might fall out!

ImageThis is my make-up draw which I’ve recently been adding to and last weekend it all got too much for my make-up bag to handle, plus it’s not like I need to carry it around all the time so I’ve organised it so I now know where all the different items are when I need them!

ImageImageImageLast, but not least! Maddie and I both bought identical Koala beanies so we can recognise each other from a distance in crowds so we don’t get separated in Europe! I also think beanies are particularly useful for covering up greasy-hair-days when you just can’t be bothered washing your hair in the shower. We decided to be retards and pretend to be sleepy and hungry Koalas and sent photos to each other via text, ha ha!




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