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Day 1 & 2 – Rising and Falling

So as promised, I started training yesterday. Got up at 6:30, chucked on my excessively branded sports gear and went to Albert Park Lake for a run. I felt like a zombie but knew I needed to stick to my word otherwise I might never run again! So despite being slow, I managed to push out the 5km without stopping and keeping a fairly steady pace throughout. Afterward I walked an extra couple of km and made use of the free outdoor gym equipment beside the lake. 


Unfortunately during the run my ankle started hurting again (it’s been playing up a lot lately) and by the end of the run it was really bad. Throughout the rest of the day I could barely walk and then my back started hurting too! I woke up this morning feeling utterly crap so I’ve ALREADY fallen off the bandwagon on Day 2 of my training. HOWEVER, to make up for it, I’m going to give “Bed-ilates” a go. Yes, you read that right, pilates that you can do from the comfort of your bed. My friend is always looking up health and fitness guru’s on the internet that do “fun” and effective home exercise routines and the like and she came across this one, although I googled it and couldn’t find it so I’ll shoot her a message to get the link for that one. 

I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it’ll be good, will let you know. Or have a go yourself and comment below how it went. Alternatively I do enjoy a bit of Cassey Ho, youtuber and blogwriter of http://www.blogilates.com 
She’s very upbeat and one of those people that seem so happy all the time that you assume that they must be on something, either that or they’re an alien cause that level of energy and happiness is just not normal! Hahaha… no but seriously. Anyway, give her a go and tell me what you think. She also has some fantastic delicious & healthy recipes! She even has her own app!


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